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Steve G

Steve G

Los Angeles, CA

Their machine shop was recommended to me to get bearings pressed onto the axles of my ’65 Barracuda. I had already bought the parts, but it turned out that one of the retainers was missing, so they ordered a new bearing that arrived and was pressed on that day and was able to pick them up and finish the job. Next time I need a part I’ll go there first, because the prices seem fair and the service is great!

David M

David M

Los Angeles, CA

I have been buying from this location for about 6 months now. They are always stocked up in inventory and have what we need. Prices are competitive and we order from them regularly now.

Robert T

Robert T

Upland, CA

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in the need of purchasing vehicle parts. Excellent customer service and filled with professionals individuals. Thanks again to the staff at Undercar Plus!!!

Joe R

Joe R

North Hollywood, CA

Best shop I’ve been to, was literally in an out in 5 minutes for a bearing and hub press. Not many shops let you bring your own parts, but they had no issues and in fact even gave advice on what to change in my car if other issues start to go bad in time. At the end, was even charged less than quoted.

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